A Few Words about Us

I am the first person in the world to come up with different solution to solve the long outstanding Sticky, oily and peeling car interior problems. We are not related to any company who get car owners to stripe their car parts for a non sticky repair. As they will remove the sticky parts with alcohol and re spray it with a new layer of vinyl paint. They stated clearly in their website that the sticky problem might come back. It is because they are still using vinyl paint. 

The product recommended by us can be proven within an hour after application, the sticky and oily feel will stop, hence prolonging your dashboard life span. It will also give you a brand new look.

The products are from Singapore only.

Don't be Fooled by company who get owners to stripe their car parts for treatment. Washing it down with strong chemical and spray a layer of vinyl paint over it. The surface will become sticky eventually, yet you paid a high price.

About Us

Our product is born out of necessity..seriously

While sticky car dashboard is not life threatening problem, the nagging of our wives - of how unbearable is the dashboard - is.

Anyway, our product has been used in Australia, Malaysia, Japan, France, Dubai, India, Brunei, Taiwan, Philippine, UAE, US, Canada, HK, Indonesia, Malta, Qatar, Isreal and Singapore. Btw, if you are in Singapore, we can provide you the full service.

Why car dashboard become sticky?

Prolonged exposure to head and sun will eventually melt the vinyl surface of the car dashboard. Dirt and dust will add in to the problem, making the car dashboard to become sticky.

Sticky dashboard is not life threatening problem, but it is surely irritating. To replace the whole dashboard, it will cause a few thousand dollars - depending on the car.

We found that the most effective solution to restore the sticky, melting dashboard is to use mild, water-based solution that is non-corrosive.

Our StickyMeltingSolution has been proven EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE in restoring the sticky dashboard. The result is LASTING, your dashboard will not be sticky even after 1 year plus.

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