Full Treatment Set for Maserati, Ferrari and car's with more than one types of sticky problem. The Protector will protect the surface and the cleaner will remove the sticky melted surface. It will also help to reduce the glossy shine after cleaning. A must buy set for Full Car Treatment.

Two Bottles of Cleaner + One bottle of Sticky Protector.

USD $140


Sticky Plastic Protector

One Bottle   - USD $50 

This is good for one car dashboard treatment.

The Protector can be use as a protectant on painted design and logo that will melts after a period of time, cars like the Ferrari ( side control panel) . Maserati ( Auto shift indicator ) and etc. Protect before it is total gone and you will need to change the whole car parts.

The Protecter will absorb the sticky and oily residues to form a New surface.

One Set of Two Bottles - USD $100

Two Bottles of Sticky Plastic Protector

Recommended for a full car treatment.

​​​Single Bottle - USD 45

This is One bottle Cleaner for touch up and minor cleaning touch up.

Car Cleaning Set - USD 90

For car interior surface sticky melting Treatment. 2 bottle per set. Used by Maserati, Ferrari, and all cars with surface melting problem.

Purchase at our " Product and Services Section "


Yacht Cleaning Set - USD 280

For restoring sticky melting surface of yacht plastic interior. dashboard and etc. The set comes with 4 bottles of cleaner plus 2 bottles of Protector.

Mix Set  - USD 95

This is mixture of Sticky Melting Solution Cleaner and Protector- One Bottle each.

For owners who needs both cleaning and Protection of the Plastic.

Toyota Velfire Before and After Treatment by Sticky Melting Solution-Protector.

Received a reply from a US AZ Maserati owner on 5th august 2018 at 02:19 am Singapore time.


I was very skeptical of the product. I thought it was going to turn out to be an $80.00 "flush down the toilet waste" .

I have tried everything from oven cleaner alcohol, goofoff etc.

Tried your stuff this AM on the center console of my Maserati. The slime that was on there was thick and gooey. Your stuff WORKED!! took about 5 minutes of mild rubbing with on old sock and it came out factory good!!!

Thank you for a great product!

Sorry I doubted you!

Customer from the US feedback on 21st March 2107, 3:48pm

Hi Sam . . . first, the outcome of my using your product was just fantastic. Yes, a lot of work but the results literally gave me a new interior for my Maserati. So now, instead of being depressed when I get into the car, I've got a big smile on my face and a huge felling of pride now that this beautiful machine is again complete.

Second, I ordered 2 more bottles about 2 weeks ago and have not gotten the product or a confirmation from you. I need these to finish the job and would like to have them ASAP.

Sticky Melting Solution Cleaner