I used the solution for my Toyota Camry's sticky dashboard. The stickiness is gone. It's almost as good as new

Robby S, Singapore

Car: Toyota Camry

I received the package a few weeks back. I used it on 2 of my Nikon Cameras and with a lot of rubbing I would say that 95% of the stickiness has been removed.
Thank you very much. This saved me a bunch of time in that I did not have to replace some of the covers.
​Phil - New York (for camera)

"Hi, received my order and did my Toyota RAV4 dashboard. The sticky feeling on the dashboard has gone. You have a great product"

Buttigieg, Malta

Car: Toyota RAV4

Hi Sam, Thanks for your advice. I am happy already without having those horrible melting stuff in the touchable area.
Again, thanks for inventing this solution.
Ricky, Buyer from Hong Kong on his Lexus IS250
Hi Sam, 
This is is Mr Loh from Malaysia. Hope you still can remember me who collected a bottle from you few weeks ago at BHG mall McDonald. Have treated the dashboard and result looks good. Melting and sticky almost reduced. Dashboard condition is much better.
Thanks for the solution. Great help. If the chance , shall meet you again in Singapore
​Loh - Malaysia (for Toyota Camry)

"Your product is amazing" 

Bobby S


Car: Lexus

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Dear Sam, it was nice meeting you during my stay in Singapore, moreover i have applied your solution and it works well! 
I have some clarification as i need to know whether i can wipe the dashboard with water anyway thank you for everything,

Warm regards

Dishal, Buyer from India on his Toyota Mark X

Received my order and did my Toyota rav 4 dashboard and the sticky feeling on the dashboard has gone you really have a great product. Can you please tell how should l look after the dashboard and what product should l use on it so it doesn't happen again.
Many thanks
Sam, Buyer from Malta on his Toyota RAV4

A Customer from Hong Kong reply :-
On Monday, 11:43 am, 20th Nov. 2015, Tin on his Toyota Camry  wrote:
Hi Sam,
I have tried the conditioner, it does work! No more oily and sticky surface anymore.
Like a brand new dashboard! Besides, how to keep the remained conditioner appropriately?  How long can it stay?

A Customer from US reply :-
On Monday, 24 August 2015, 2:39, Steve and Lea  wrote:
Sam, I need another two bottles of just the cleaner (not conditioner) that I'm going to give to my Maserati mechanic and recommend he start using with his customers.  I absolutely love your product.  Its works incredibly well.  Can you give me a special price?
Sent from Steve & Lea's iPad

On Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 16:13. Victor from Philippines
on his Jeep Commander
Got the solutions this afternoon and right away used it! Its taking several applications to remove the top sticky film but when removed its PERFECT!!
Very happy with the results!


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